Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Book Of Answers?

The Book Of Answers is a book which created by Carol Bolt, The Book of Answers has the solution to all the questions of daily life, just ask a question, open the book and find your answer.

What is is a digital version of The book of Answers, it provide the easy way to allow you get your answers online. All the answers of this site are the same with The Book Of Answers.

How to use The book of Answers Online?

Concentrate on a question and tap the book, the book will show you the answer.

How to use with paper book of The Book Of Answers?

If you have a paper book of The Book Of Answers, simply hold the closed book in your hands and take ten to fifteen seconds to concentrate on your question. When visualising or saying your question out loud, place one palm on the book's front cover and stroke the edge of the pages back to front. When you sense the time is right, open to the page your fingers land on and there is your answer!

Does the answers are correct?

It depend on yourself! The Book Of Answers is intriguing. inspiring and enormous fun to use.
Stay positive to deal with your questions, and its can be solved perfectly, so the correct answer is always in your mind, just do it immediately!